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About us


  • GW SPRINKLER company is the consequence of the GM Sprinkler’s Sp. z o. o. functional separation.
  • Our company is created by people with years of experience concerning design, execution and supervision of the fire protection systems.
  • Within one year we have done prefabrication of more than 100 000 sprinklers.

Our priorities.

  • Reliable systems.
  • Customer’s satisfaction.

Specific features of our company

  • Our priority is professional approach to projects supported by wide knowledge and experience.
  • We have high-tech CAD, CAM equipment.
  • We are distinguished by timeliness and desire for self-improvement.
  • We provide comprehensive services in the scope of fire protection.

We advice, install and maintain fire protection systems, notwithstanding their size and the scope of activity.

We specialize in designing:

  • water systems;
  • foam systems;
  • gas systems;
  • low voltage systems;
  • early stage fire detection and fire alarm systems.

Each project is individually customized to the object and client’s requirements.

We cooperate with fully automated production plant, which enables us to provide fast execution of prefabricate needed for the system’s installation.