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Gas extinguishing systems

The most important features

  • safe to people
  • safe to environment
  • safe to property
  • safe to buildings

Our offer

  • GW SPRINKLER company installs gas sprinkler systems based on:
    • FM 200 – HFC22
    • Novec
    • Inert gases




siexBez tytułu


Our Partner


  • In the field of fire extinguishing with gas we cooperate with Siex company.
  • Considering the involvment of Siex company in environmental protection, they are creators of the best fire protection solutions in the most unfavorable fire conditions.

Advantages of Siex company

  • Products are based only on technical and quality criteria.
  • Wide range of bottles (size of bottle from 2,7 dm³ to 390 dm³).
  • Production of the systems that protect against smoke and fire by water, water mist, foam, dry chemical powder and they also provide the control of electronic detection.
  • The highest amount of certificates and licenses from international organisations.
    Company possesses following licenses:

    •  FM
    • VdS
    • UL
    • CNBOP


Controlling fixed extinguishing systems

Fire alarm panel controling fixed extinguishing systems

  • Fire alarm panel after fire detecting realizes:
    • steering the warning signalling with programmed evacuating time (evacuating time is set maximum on 60sec.).
    • steering extinguishing systems through relay outputs designed to running the electromagnet of the triggering bottle.
  • Fire alarm panel is designed to operating one or more extinguishing zone.
  • Fire alarm panel is designed to detect fire and steer fixed extinguishing systems that contain extinguishing agent in the gas, liquid or spray form and monitoring the process of an automatic extinguishing.

The process of  an automatic extinguishing has two stages:

  •  stage WARNING – dedicated for evacuating people from the extinguished area.
    • At the time, the acoustic and optic indicators are turned on.
  •  stage EXTINGUISHING – dedicated for fire extinguishing.
    • Steering signals from the central to the Podane zostaną sygnały sterujące z centrali do zespołu wyzwalacza elektromagnetycznego i ręcznego, otwierającego butle ze środkiem gaśniczym.

Universal optic smoke detector

  • Optic smoke detector is dedicated to detecting visible smoke rising at the flameless stage of fire.
  • Time when material starts to smoulder is generally before the opened fire and noticeable increase of temperature.

Marking of the sprinkler system, manuals. 

  • Area protected with gas is equipped with the set of marks made to inform people about basic functions of the system and the way of proceeding at emergencies.

The fire extinguishing system is activated in 3 ways:

  • by activating working in the coincidence smoke detectors placed at each of protected areas;
  • by switching on the manual button of launching extinguishing;
  • by switching the manual trigger (running the system via the manual trigger causes immediate outflow of extinguishing agent).

Starting the extinguishing procedure, in case of fire detection, will be preceeded by the alarm of first and secong stage.

  • Extinguishing agent release lasts maximum 60sec.
  • Efficiency of extinguishing depends on retention, i.e. period at which determined concentration will be held in protected area.
  • In order to provide effective extinguishing, retention time should be at least 10 minutes.
  • System releases specific amount of gas through the system of wires and nozzles to protected area.

Fire alarm panel steering fixed extinguishing systems passes following signals to building system SAP: 

  •  I stage alarm (activating any sensor connected with fire alarm panel);
  •  II stage alarm (pressing START extinguishing button. Signal is passed also in case of any fire alarm at the fire alarm panel);
  •  General damage of the fire alarm.

If indicator informing about releasing extinguishing agent, placed outside extinguished areas will inform about releasing extinguishing agent, one should not walk in and call proper services.