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Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler system’s operating rules

  • Sprinkler system is an automated system of fire extinguishing with water, directly above the place of the fire outbreak.
  • Sprinkler system is filled with water (or air) in protected areas under constant pressure.
  • Constant water pressure at the system is held in the automatic system by Jockey pump installed at the pump house. As the consequence of the outbreak of fire and considerable increase of temperature the glass bulb bursts and the water outflows. As the consequence of the pressure drop at the system, pressure switch runs the pump. Waterflow through the sensor causes sending the fire signal to space with constant supervision.
  • When fire extinguishing with water is not enough, foam extinguishing should take place. It relates to the following substances:
    • oils;
    • alcohol;
    • refinery products;
    • oil derivatives;
    • petrol;
    • varnish;
    • resin;
    • inflammable chemical substances.

Our tasks

  • Our team is responsible for the entire process of creating the sprinkler system. 
    • concept and project
      In the scope of concept and project we cooperate with a lot of Insurers, who base on various guidelines – FM, NFPA, VdS or EN.
    • prefabrication
      We cooperate with prefabrication plant in Pszczyna, that has an essential meaning as to speed and timeliness of delivery.
      We offer POWDER painted prefabricate. This method increases usable advantages and aesthetic of our production.
    • delivery to the construction
      Due to location of the plant in the central part of our country, we provide fast deliveries in Poland and Europe via dedicated transport.
    • assembly
      We have our own assembly teams with many years’ experience, we also cooperate with proven subcontractors.
    • start-up and reception
      Each construction has competent people responsible for the process of assembly.
    • maintenance during the exploitation of the building
      We provide servicing during and after the guarantee period.